Newport City FC – Lucky 4s Lottery

This season Newport City FC are running a Lucky 4s Lottery to raise money for the club.

We will be making 10 draws throughout the season, each draw will follow one of our Men’s 1st Team home games.

Tickets for the draw cost £1 and 50% of the proceeds will be allocated to the prize pot. Tickets are available to purchase at all 1st Team games, and coaches from each team within the club will have a supply of tickets at training and on match days.

The 10 draws this season will take place on the following dates :-

Sat 17 Aug     Numbers : 4, 7, 20, 23 – No Winner
Sat 07 Sep
Sat 05 Oct
Sat 02 Nov
Sat 23 Nov
Sat 28 Dec
Sat 25 Jan
Fri 21 Feb
Sat 14 Mar
Sat 10 Apr

Rules of the Newport City Lucky 4s Lottery

1. The Newport City FC “Lucky 4s” lottery shall be run in accordance with the Small Lotteries Licence granted by Newport City Council. The draw will be run by the Club Committee.

2. Each ticket to enter one draw will cost £1 and will be valid for 1 draw only.

3. The person buying the ticket MUST enter their the following details on the ticket :-
– Full Name
– Contact Telephone No.
– The date of the draw for which the ticket is to be entered.
– The 4 numbers selected for the draw from the 24 numbers available

4. The ticket must be submitted to the club by no later than 1 hour after the final whistle of the 1st Team match on the day of the draw, and each ticket must be accompanied by the entry fee.

5. A draw shall take place at least once during each calendar month during the football season.

6. At each draw, 50% of the total sales of tickets (less ticket costs) will be allocated to the prize fund.

7. At each draw, 4 numbers will be selected at random by members of the club committee by means of selecting from a pool of lottery balls.

8. If 1 or more tickets submitted for the draw has all 4 selected numbers matching the numbers selected at random, the total of the prize fund will be divided by the number of winning tickets, with the owner of each winning ticket receiving that ticket’s share of the prize fund.

9. If no tickets submitted for the draw have all 4 selected numbers matching the numbers selected at random, the prize fund will be hold over until the next advertised draw.

10. Persons must be at least 16 years old to enter the Lucky 4s lottery

11. All decisions relating to winning tickets and prize money shall rest with the Club Committee and shall be final.